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Stable Mat, Horse Mat, Cow Mat

The stable mat is non-slip, non-static and has high flexibility. It is mainly used as floor mat for livestock, like horse, cow, etc. which can protect the animals from getting infected by bacteria and getting injured, reduce animal raising cost, increase the production quantity of milk of each cow. Also it can be used in construction line since it has the non-slip characteristics. The following are the materials the rubber mat is made of.

A: Material: reclaimed rubber
Size: 4'X6'X17mm
Color: black
Capacity: 20,000 tons /year
Packing: pallet
Physical Property Testing Result:

 Tensile strength:  3 Mpa
 Elongation  250%
 Density:  1.41.8g/ cm 3
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clik pic to open large photo

We can produce different rubber mat according to customer's different requirements.
B: material: crumb rubber
Size: 4'X6'X17mm"
Color: black
Capacity: 5000tons/year
Packing: pallet
Physical Characteristics: non-slip, containing no metal.


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