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Rubber Blanket


Compressible Offset Printing Blanket

Product Features:

1. The carcass is made of fabric plies, high tensile and low stretch.
2. The compressible layer has uniformity and independent micro-spheres.
3. The printing surface is made of high precise rubber compound with micro-ground.
4. The blanket has advanced technology and international quality standard.
5. The blanket could be equipped with different bars.

Printing Ability:

1. Excellent ability of ink transfer, paper release and solvent resistant.
2. Perfect dot shape as well as reduced dot gain ensures good impression.


1. The blanket is developed for sheet-fed offset press with max 15000 sheets per hour(type 5600) or max 10000 sheets per hour(type 3600) or max 8000 sheets per hour(type 2600) and web press with about 60000sheets per hour(type 5600).
2. The blanket satisfies various presses, such as multi-color, metal, newspaper, UV and B-B press.


They can be packed by rolls(Max 25m) or be packing with pieces with your size. Regarding the width size, the max size is 1460mm, we can do it as your requirement. They are packed in cylinder carton.

We have Type 2600, Type 3600 and Type5600, more info please contact with us.
Underlay Blanket


We also have the underlay rubber blanket, they are white or black, and the thickness can be 1mm and 0.5mm. More info please contact with us.

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